We only work with 14k solid gold and ethically sourced gems so it can last forever.

Only the good stuff – no gold plating or any other fake stuff. Our goal is to minimize waste and our carbon footprint in every aspect. We aim to collectively increase our positive impact on people and the planet through how we design our products and operate our business.

SUZANDES was founded on the belief that making fine jewelry doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values. While many brands focus on mass production in third world countries for obvious reasons, we focus on efficient production based on demand where every single piece is handmade with supreme care in the United States.


We don’t want you questioning “is it real.”

There are too many brands using the term “14k gold” when in fact it is not REAL 14K SOLID GOLD. There is a lot of terminology out there causing confusion, like 14k gold plated, 14k gold vermeil, or "gold fill” – and it’s labeled as 14k gold. These terms can be misguiding where you end up paying a hefty price tag for an item that is not real 14k solid gold. You can follow us on Instagram to learn about the differences.

We like to keep things simple. We provide only one option and it’s the real 14k solid gold one. And, at surprisingly Happy Prices.

Our jewelry will not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear it anywhere, every day.



In partnership with our trusted suppliers, we carefully select our materials based on quality, durability, and ethical standards.
This means we only work with suppliers who embrace the same ethical practices as we do.

Rest assured, the natural diamonds we use are from Canada. Yes, Canada. We were pretty excited to learn we have that option, too. Since the 1990s, major diamond discoveries were made, and mining operations began in the region. Canadian diamonds play a large role in today’s world market of diamonds.

While we use ethically sourced natural diamonds for most of our
products, we are also committed to providing more sustainable alternatives.


Lab-grown diamonds are as real as diamonds mined from the earth – they are identical. They have the same chemical and physical properties and contain the same fire and sparkle. The only difference is natural diamonds are more expensive due to rarity and difficult sourcing.

Each product we make clearly states which gems are used.

The decision is yours with a clear conscience.



"With family in the jewelry industry for nearly 50 years, I realized it's time to do things differently.

My story begins with my dad, Mark, who I believe I got my somewhat outgoing personality from. He also happens to be a genius jeweler who has taught me the trade over the years. As for my mom, well, she is my sweet cup of coffee that wakes me up every now and then. My dosage of serious.

I always found fine jewelry markups to be INSANE. I later learned that it doesn't have to be that way and it can actually be more affordable.

I created a secret recipe for crazy-good prices..."

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