We do fine jewelry differently since 2011.

We believe gifts should be memorable and the shopping process should be easy –
without having to break the bank. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a special someone, we are committed to making “gifting” a fun and effortless experience for everyone. That’s why we work with master jewelers who use high-quality 14k solid gold and sustainable materials to create pieces that carry meaning – and are meant to last a lifetime. Our jewelry can be comfortably worn every day, anywhere – rain or shine. Guaranteed to keep forever.



We don’t want you to trash your gifts.

That’s why we only work with 14k solid gold and ethically sourced gems. Only the good stuff – no gold plating or any other fake stuff.

Our goal is to minimize waste and our carbon footprint in every aspect. We aim to collectively increase our positive impact on people and the planet through how we design our jewelry and how we operate our business.

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We create limited quantities based on consumer demand. This allows us to curate fresh products while keeping our production efficient and less wasteful. Just meaningful products with a touch of personalization. No clutter.

Our vision is to encourage thoughtfulness and help
boost special moments by making “gifting” memorable and effortless for everyone. Stay tuned as we expand our selection with a dedicated team of designers.



"With family in the jewelry industry for nearly 50 years, I realized it's time to do things differently."

My story begins with my dad, Mark, who I believe I got my somewhat outgoing personality from. He also happens to be a genius jeweler who has taught me the trade over the years. As for my mom, well, she is my sweet cup of coffee that wakes me up every now and then. My dosage of serious.

I always found fine jewelry markups to be INSANE. I later learned that it doesn't have to be that way and it can actually be more affordable.

With decades of jewelry manufacturing experience under our belt, I took that knowledge and built upon our experience...

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